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Knotty Pine Reversible Planking
Beaded and Edge-V Profiles
Beadboard Pine Wall Planking
Knotty Pine Beaded Profile 8' Planking
Beadboard Pine Wainscot, Chair Rail and Base Molding
Knotty Pine 32" Beadboard Profile Wainscot
Knotty Pine 32" 8' Chair Rail and Base Molding

The Beaded profile is a traditional Old World design and can be installed on interior walls, ceilings, concealed porch ceilings and in sun rooms. Edge V profile planking can have a warm and contemporary appeal or a casual and rustic look. Install Edge V planking horizontally, vertically, diagonally or in a chevron pattern.

All planks are tongue and groove, making installation quick and easy. GPS Molding has a notched out back designed to accept and retain the planks. Stain, paint, whitewash or clear finish Knotty Pine planks, wainscot and molding.

Beaded Profile
Plank profile
Edge V Profile

Knotty Pine Reversible 8' Planking Specifications

Package contains 6 Pieces
.25" Thick x 3.5" Wide x 8' Long
Installed Coverage: 14 sq. ft.

Knotty Pine Reversible 32" Wainscot Specifications

Package contains 12 Pieces
.25" Thick x 3.5" Wide x 32" High
Installed coverage: 9.33 Sq. Ft.

Knotty Pine Molding Specifications

Package contains 1 Base and 1 Chair Rail Molding
9/16" x 2 5/8" Wide x 8' Long
Installed Coverage: 8' Long

Pine Edge-V swatch

Knotty Pine Edge-V Profile

Wall Planking

Reclaimed Wood Planking

Primed MDF Beaded

Knotty Pine

Solid Oak

Knotty Cedar