Solid Oak Reversible Planking
Beaded and Edge-V Profiles

With its authentic beaded millwork and knot free surface, Solid Oak wall planking adds value and beauty to all decorative wall applications. Choose the Beaded or the Edge-V profile to display. Solid Oak wall planking can be finished to match existing oak flooring, cabinetry and furniture.

Beaded Profile

Reversible Profile

Edge-V Profile

Product Specifications

Solid Oak Reversible 8' Planking

Package contains: 4 Pieces
1/4" Thick x 3" Wide x 8' Long
Installed Coverage: 8 sq. ft.

Solid Oak Reversible 32" Wainscot

Package contains: 12 Pieces
1/4 " Thick x 3" Wide x 32" Long
Installed Coverage: 8 sq. ft.

Solid Oak Chair Rail and Base Molding Kit

Solid Oak molding has a notched out back that accepts and retains the planks.
Package contains:
1 Base and 1 Chair Rail Molding
11/16" Thick x 3" Wide x 6' Long
Installed Coverage: 6' Long

Solid Oak planking photo
Oak edge-v swatch