Random Groove Profile
Wood Grain Wall Panels

Random Groove Profile Wood Grain 4' x 8' wall panels are available in plywood and composite backings. The plywood backed panels are laminated to lightweight and rigid tropical hardwood plywood and are available in both 1/8" and 1/4" thicknesses. The composite backed panels are laminated onto MDF. This substrate offers void free grooves and a stable solid core.

These panels are designed with rich wood grain patterns with grooves that match the panel colors. The wood grain overlays are available in various colors and patterns including realistic, rustic, crisply architectural, warm and charming. These panels are perfect for both residential and commercial applications and ideal for both renovation and new construction.

Cafe Cedar photo

1/8" Café Cedar PC#67911
1/4" Tavern PC#67957

Maple Shade photo

1/8" Maple Shade PC#67903
1/4" Madison Maple PC#67905

Woodsman photo

1/8" Woodsman

American Birch photo

1/8" American Birch PC#67953

Antique Hickory swatch photo

1/8" Antique Hickory PC#67970

Bleached Maple photo

1/4" Bleached Maple PC#67961

Driftwood photo

1/8" Driftwood PC#51001

Blue Bayou photo

1/4" Blue Bayou PC#67926

Bayshore photo

1/8" Bayshore PC# 67919
1/4" Symphony PC#67921

Honey Oak photo

1/8" Honey Oak PC#67915

Plantation Pine photo

1/8" Plantation Pine PC#67943
1/4" Pioneer Pine PC#67959