Solid White and Pegboard
Eco-Board Wall Panels

Eco-Board/Tileboard 4' x 8' wall panels are constructed with hardboard that is produced without chemical binders and is formaldehyde free. The wood fiber used to form this composite hardboard substrate is FSC (Forestry Stewardship Council) certified. The lumber is harvested and processed through a certified chain of custody that complies with strict conservation standards.

1/8" Eco-Board/Tileboard is coated with a hardened finish that is durable, moisture resistant and easy to maintain.

Solid White panels can be used for cabinet backs, drawer bottoms, on walls and as marker board. Solid white Eco-Board is ideal for kitchen and bathroom installations in both residential and commercial applications.

The Pegboard panel is 3/16" thick tempered hardboard with 1/4" holes 1" on center. The panel is white finished and can be used as is or painted.

Solid White Marker Board photo

Solid White/Marker Board PC#71003

Pegboard photo

Pegboard PC#14049