Primed MDF Beaded
Wall Planking, Wainscot and Molding

One of the most versatile of our wall planking styles, MDF wall planking and molding are primed white and ready to be painted. Tongue and groove construction allows for quick installation and a clean, crisp finished look.

Product Specifications

MDF 2" Beaded 8' Planking

Package contains: 3 Pieces
1/4" Thick x 7" Wide x 8' Long
Installed Coverage: 14 sq. ft.

MDF Beaded Wainscot

Package contains: 6 Pieces
1/4" Thick x 7" Wide x 32" High
Installed coverage: 9.33 Sq. Ft.

MDF Chair Rail and Base Molding Kit

Primed MDF molding has a notched out back that accepts and retains the planks.
Package contains:
1 MDF 2.75" Wide x 8' Long Base
1 MDF 2.625" Wide x 8' Long Chair Rail Molding
Installed Coverage: 8' Long

MDF planking photo