Knotty Pine Reversible Planking
Beaded and Edge-V Profiles

The Beaded profile is a traditional Old World design and can be installed on interior walls, ceilings, concealed porch ceilings and in sun rooms. Edge-V profile planking can have a warm and contemporary appeal or a casual and rustic look. Install Edge V planking horizontally, vertically, diagonally or in a chevron pattern.
All planks are tongue and groove, making installation quick and easy. GPS Molding has a notched out back designed to accept and retain the planks. Stain, paint, whitewash or clear finish Knotty Pine planks, wainscot and molding.

Beaded Profile

Reversible Profile

Edge-V Profile

Knotty Pine Reversible
8' Planking


Product Specifications

Package contains: 6 Pieces
.25 " Thick x 3.5" Wide x 8' Long
Installed Coverage: 14 sq. ft.

Knotty Pine Reversible
32" Wainscot


Product Specifications

Package contains: 12 Pieces
.25 " Thick x 3.5" Wide x 32" High
Installed coverage: 9.33 Sq. Ft.

Knotty Pine Chair Rail
and Base Molding


Product Specifications

Knotty Pine molding has a notched out back that accepts and retains the planks.
Package contains:
1 Base and 1 Chair Rail Molding
9/16" Thick x 2 5/8" Wide x 8' Long
Installed Coverage: 8' Long

Beadboard Pine swatch
Edge V Pine swatch